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Bosphorus View Project in Uskudar

Uskudar - Istanbul

Prices starts from

8.450.000 TL

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Project Status

Delivery Date

Under Construction

May 2022

Property Details

Property Type

Number of Units

Construction Company

2,5+1 3+1 4+1 5+1



Price List

2,5 + 1 157 m² - 213 m² 8.450.000TL 3 + 1 166 m² - 413 m² 9.750.000TL 4 + 1 235 m² 9.750.000TL 5 + 1 384 m² 19.500.000TL

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Property Location

Uskudar - Istanbul

The project which gathers the ‎historical silhouette of Istanbul with modern architecture is waiting for its investors. While standing out with its ‎modernity, unique view of the Bosphorus and spacious living spaces, life will re-begin in Kandilli ‎apartments with the types of 2,5+1, 3+1, 3,5, 4+1 and 5+1 duplex. Nef Kandilli allows you to have both larger apartments and more social facilities with its 155.000 sqm project area. Nef Reserve offers investors many privileges in the project which includes 407 ‎apartments.‎

In the project developed by Nef, investors will experience the privilege of Nef brand ‎in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Every day will be full of fun in the project which also includes ‎social areas with qualified features.‎ You will have a valuable investment both for your present and for your future.‎ Thanks to the ‎project that has a high-value investment, the project will allow you to reach ‎everywhere on time. Moreover, with a privileged location, it will ensure you have a quality life while increasing ‎your living standards.‎

The project shows its difference with the unique view of the Bosphorus among Istanbul housing ‎projects. You will experience the advantage of living in the middle of forest and nature in the ‎project implemented with the Forest Light concept. Your life will be better in luxury Kandilli apartments for sale.

With the designs of world-famous architects, the ‎project is developed in harmony with the unique history of Istanbul. It will add color to Kandilli with ‎its modern texture and wide social facilities. Nef which is one of the leading names in the sector reveals its quality and difference with the Kandilli housing project. Nef designs everything in detail ‎for the investors to have qualified and accessible social facilities.‎

Nef is well-known in the sector with high-quality housings and modern architectural designs. So, the company ‎considers everything for a higher quality of life in this new project implemented in Kandilli. For example, you will ‎be able to access personalized rooms and spaces at any time. The ‎project reveals its difference ‎among Istanbul housing projects with its Foldhome feature. With Foldhomes which can be rented ‎via an appointment system, you can host your guests, or you can take advantage of the social facilities. There are services such as spa, celebration room, game room, music room, screening ‎room, gym and private studio, guestroom, mini basketball and football fields in Foldhomes.

Property Description

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